"How does one uphold God’s standard and ideal for marriage? The answer is The Cross - a place where all of us who have blown it can experience grace and forgiveness and a second chance.”

- Greg St. Cyr

We believe that marriage is a God-designed commitment that reflects our own relationship with God as Father, Son and Spirit. Marriage is our “training ground” for relationship with God, filled with joys and sorrows, successes and failures, celebrations and grief, sickness and health. Marriage is an intimate spiritual and physical journey, both through and for life.

Bay Area’s Marriage Ministry exists to build maturing, passionate, and lasting marriages as God’s most visible image of becoming one in Christ. Our marriage ministry is aimed at both married couples as well as premarital or seriously dating couples.

To read Bay Area's position on Biblical marriage, plus additional resources for couples, including our very own BACC Marriage podcast, recommended books and sermon archives please visit the links below!


Our Premarital Ministry focuses on helping couples prepare for a marriage to last a lifetime with Christ at the center. Premarital couples are assigned a premarital mentor couple to meet for at least 6 private sessions. Newly married couples (up through their first year) can also enroll to learn important foundations to strengthen their commitment. All couples explore the fundamentals of God’s design for marriage. Cost is $75.  Email questions to premarital.ministry@bayareacc.org.


We want to do all we can to support you in preparing for your wedding day and your marriage. Linked below we've compiled all the information needed for you to go through the process of hosting your wedding at Bay Area Community Church.

For more information about hosting your wedding at Bay Area feel free to contact Kammi McGinty at kammi.mcginty@bayareacc.org.


Married couples can engage in enrichment and educational opportunities year-round, including learning communities, marriage workshops, date nights, and missional communities. For more information, contact Eric Feldmann at egraffeldmann@gmail.com.