Chapter A Day is our Bible-reading tool to help you spend daily time with the Lord in His Word and prayer.

Chapter A Day 2024

This year marks the start of something new with Chapter A Day. Almost every aspect of the journal has been redesigned, while still keeping what makes Chapter A Day special. We've simplified the cover and shortened the title of the journal to just, "Chapter A Day." The colors this year are inspired by the sunrise, to both brighten your day while using it and to also mark a new era of Chapter A Day.

In addition to the cover, we've redesigned the interior. Each chapter's layout is now stripped back to resemble the look of a journal. The content is also now set in a single gray color, letting the layout fade into the background and allowing what's written to be read more easily. We've also added in a moment of reflection at the end of each chapter. Using the definition of a disciple, each person gets the chance to select one of three icons, based on what God might be speaking to you through that chapter.


Hear from those who have followed along with and been impacted by studying the Word through Chapter A Day. 

How To Read The Bible

Check out these video series from The Bible Project on how to read the Bible! 

The Bible is the most influential book in human history, but what is it? This video series will help you understand the Bible and see its unified message. Click the icon to watch now!
Why is there so much poetry in the Bible? Understanding the function and cultural significance of poems in Scripture is key to seeing the Bible’s message. Click the icon to watch now!
More than 40% of the Bible is written in narrative. What unique contribution does this style bring to the Bible? And how should we read it? Click the icon to watch now!
A quarter of the Bible is written in a style called prose discourse. Learn how this style is used to communicate key parts of Scripture. Click the icon to watch now!


We created a podcast to follow along with Volumes 3 and 4 of Chapter A Day! In Volume 3 (Chapter A Day 2021) you can follow along by listening to daily scripture read outloud, and in Volume 4 (Chapter A Day 2022) we share bi-weekly commentary that goes a little more in depth into what we're studying in God's Word.

You can check them out on our app, Spotify or Apple Podcasts.