A Chapter A Day

Reflecting meaningfully on one chapter every day over time brings about spiritual transformation. Your mind is renewed. Your prayer intimacy with the Lord is enhanced. And you find yourself changing into the likeness of Jesus (Romans 12:2).

Chapter A Day journal is a Bible-reading tool to help you spend daily time with the Lord in His Word and prayer. Volumes 1-5 read through the entire New Testament which consists of 260 chapters and 105 Old Testament chapters. Additionally, we've linked below some resources to help with your Bible-reading journey. Sometimes scripture is challenging and requires context, so we encourage you to utilize these resources as you read along.


How To Read The Bible

Check out these video series from The Bible Project on how to read the Bible! 

The Bible is the most influential book in human history, but what is it? This video series will help you understand the Bible and see its unified message. Click the icon to watch now!
Why is there so much poetry in the Bible? Understanding the function and cultural significance of poems in Scripture is key to seeing the Bible’s message. Click the icon to watch now!
More than 40% of the Bible is written in narrative. What unique contribution does this style bring to the Bible? And how should we read it? Click the icon to watch now!
A quarter of the Bible is written in a style called prose discourse. Learn how this style is used to communicate key parts of Scripture. Click the icon to watch now!

Chapter A Day Podcast (Vol. 4)

Looking for some additional resources as you read along in Chapter A Day? We have a podcast just for that. Tune in bi-weekly with our Chapter A Day Podcast as we take a deeper look into God's Word!

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