Week 3: We Are The Household

Jan 17, 2021    Brian Hopper

The church has seemingly lost its place in the world. Statistically it is shrinking; some would say it’s dying. It appears to be losing prominence and influence, no longer seen as a harbinger of truth and hope. And the inadvertent effect this can have on those in the church is that we become disillusioned, apathetic and even consumeristic - leaving the church’s power diminished. Which, ironically, proves the world right. But what if we changed the narrative? What if we understood ourselves differently? What if we embraced our identity in God’s redemptive plan and truly believed what Jesus said about us, His church? How might that make a difference in your life, my life and the world today? Because clearly, if ever the world needed help from the church, it seems like it is now. Join us this Sunday as we examine one of the most foundational and important metaphors of Being the Church: God’s household.