Week 1: We Are The Bride

Jan 3, 2021    Brian Hopper

This past fall, I was blessed to take a sabbatical. One alarming observation from my time away was that no one outside of our four walls is thinking about us, the church. Of all the places I traveled and all the people I engaged with, not once in 3 months did I hear anyone talk about, inquire or consider the local church as having anything to offer the world for its problems. No solutions, not a resource, or even a place to find help. And this really impacted me because of our seeming irrelevance to the world. Yet God’s view of us, the church, has never been more central, important, alive and necessary TODAY. Join us over the next three weeks as we look at 3 metaphors that shape our understanding who we are and the role we play in God’s redemptive plan. This is Being the Church.