We believe that God designed married couples to experience incredible connection. But often times, lots of couples don’t have that experience so we thought we would challenge married, engaged and seriously dating couples to get more connected by having fun this summer, with a little learning along the way on how this whole relational connection thing works.


So what will the dates look like?
2 dates a month in June, July and August, rounding out at 6 dates. We will give you 4 options per date, listed as icons that will identify what the date entails. When you see the icons that best suit your capabilities for that date, click the button and stick with the date you chose! Try not to go back and pick another one - half the fun is in committing to the original date you chose from just the icons. Some can be done at home in case small children have you locked in your home, but we encourage you to get babysitters and get out and have some fun. Dates have been picked with all life stages in mind so there is an option on there for everyone! Remember great marriages don’t just happen, they are built and to build a great marriage it needs time. Including time for fun.

What else is there besides these dates?
So 6 dates. Great. What else is involved? We want you to listen to a few podcasts throughout the summer that will look at different aspects of connection in marriage and relationship. Emotional, Physical and Spiritual. Then we encourage you to talk about these aspects of connection together and take a few simple steps to intentionally build that connection.

Where do we keep track of what we're learning and doing on our dates?
We have created a summer memory book for you that you can either save and access digitally, or download and print to keep a physical copy. We recommend the latter! This memory book is a place for you to document what your dates are as well as what you are learning from the podcast. It also has secret steps that teach you more and give you more chances to win prizes. The more you participate, the more chances to win.
Wait.. prizes for going on dates with the person I love?
Yes!! I know, right? We care that much about connection in your relationship. That's why at the end of the summer we will host a celebration event to have more fun together, sharing stories and hanging out, and award a variety of prizes.

Ok so 6 dates, a few podcasts, an end of summer celebration...
You may be thinking, tell me again why we should do this... Because life tends to fill up, stealing time from your marriage. So your marriage gets the leftovers. If you are an engaged or seriously dating couple, you may not have experienced this yet but add more responsibility, a family, and beyond to the mix and it will come. And the fact is most couples don’t date well after they get married, and aren’t having as much fun as they used to and that sense of connection can weaken. We don’t want weak marriages, do you?

And if you listen to the first podcast, you'll hear even more about how people work relationally and why doing stuff together makes such a big difference.
So what is my next step?
Scroll down and clock the button to register. Invite other couples to register too! And head back to this page in the coming weeks for your memory book and date options.

When does this start?
June 6!

Take the challenge. Let’s create some crazy, incredible connection this summer.


Click the buttons below to see the options for each date! 


Click the buttons below to see the options for each date!