Summer Dating Challenge: Bingo Style

Summer’s here and it’s time to get your date on! We are challenging you to date your spouse, fiancé or significant other from July-September. Linked below we have a bingo card with five categories with date options in each one. You have July, August and September to get a BINGO, which you can get by picking a category and working your way down, or by going across or diagonally.

To make things extra fun, we'll be giving out prizes throughout the challenge! At the end of July if you have completed two dates, simply fill out this form telling us what dates you completed and you will be entered into our random prize drawing. In August if you have completed two dates, fill out that same form and you will be entered into another the random prize drawing. At the end of September if you have gotten a BINGO, you will be entered into a random drawing to win the Grand Prize which will be announced at our Fall Date Night on Friday, October 4. Anyone adventurous enough to complete their full card will be eligible to win a special prize!


  1. Pick a date on the bingo card linked below. 
  2. Check the bottom of this page for a description of that date.
  3. Enjoy some time together as you have fun on your BINGO adventure!
  4. Encourage others in their dating adventures by sharing on the Facebook group, or emailing pictures or narratives of your experiences to be featured in our communications

There is a small entry fee of $5 per couple. Register at the link below!


B: Best Home Dates

  • Laugh In: Pick your favorite comedy or comedian, get comfy and have fun laughing the night away.

  • Cozy Connection: Tackle a puzzle, crossword or coloring book together. Work as a team to decipher answers or craft your creation to make for an unforgettable bond.

  • That’s Amore: Grab all the ingredients you need to make your own personal sized pizzas. Try out new combinations and challenge each other to come up with tasty new combos.

  • Off Grid: Pretend the power has gone out, turn off all the lights and enjoy a tech free evening, relaxing with each other and chatting about your plans for the future.

  • Themed Cinema: Host a movie night for two with a twist. Choose a movie and immerse yourselves in the theme with snacks and drinks that match your movie choice. For added fun, dress the theme!

I: Indoor Away from Home

  • Serve Together: Find a local soup kitchen, clothing drive or other serving opportunity. Sign up to serve together and enjoy helping others as you connect on a deeper level in serving!

  • Grab Your Bowling Ball: Head down to the local bowling alley for a night of friendly competition enjoying a favorite pastime of knocking down pins.

  • Dollar Menu: Create cheap, but fun dinner date, eating from the Dollar Menu only.

  • Under the Sea: Head to the aquarium for the day. For added fun, visit the aquarium’s website ahead of time to put together a scavenger hunt or top ten list that you can have fun checking off together as you explore the undersea world!

N: Nature Adventure

  • Take a Hike: Find a trail nearby, put on your hiking shoes and have a fun time in the great outdoors enjoying God’s creation together.

  • Dancing in the Moonlight: Set off on a moonlights stroll. Walk hand in hand and experience the beauty around you in the absence of bright lights. Stop and dance together to your favorite song as one of you serenades the other!

  • A Stroll Down Lover’s Lane: Write a love letter to each other. Then on an evening walk, read your letter to each other.

  • Chasing the Sun: Grab a blanket and snuggle up on a local beach or at a park and take in a sunset. Talk the night away while basking in the beauty of the sky being transformed in color from evening to night.

  • Paddle Adventure: Borrow or rent a kayak or canoe and head off on a watery adventure. Find water trails nearby to explore together as you enjoy a peaceful day floating on your local waterway.

G: Gas and Go

  • Day Tripping: Head out on an unplanned adventure. Fill your tank and head to a nearby small town you have never explored. Get lost in the fun as you explore new places together.

  • Be Amused: Fill up the tank and head to a nearby amusement park. Enjoy a day of exhilarating rides, tasteful delights and lots of laughter as you make memories having fun together!

  • Dance, Dance, Dance: Take a dance lesson together and enjoy the fun of swaying to the music in each other’s arms.

  • Hit the Beach: Pack up your car and head to the beach for a day. Enjoy the fresh smell of salt water and the sound of waves lapping the shore while you relax with your partner. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

O: Other Fun Things

  • Farmer’s Market: Enjoy the fruit of the labor of your local farmers. Grab a basket and head to the local farmer’s market to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, locally grown and wonderfully delicious.

  • Book Worms: Go to the library together and each of you pick out a book for the other to read. Be creative and think about introducing them to your favorite genre or relive your childhood by sharing with them your favorite kid’s story.

  • Food Truck Bonanza: Head to a local food truck rally and enjoy a selection of cuisine.

  • Chef for a Day: Find a local cooking class and increase your chef skills while enjoying cooking and eating your creation together!

Couple's Choice

Choose a date from the list below to enjoy together!

  • Bucket List: Grab a Note Pad and Pen and spend an evening building your dream bucket list together. Talk the night away and dream up all the adventures and experiences you want to share as a couple.

  • First Date: Recreate your First Date. Relive the sparks of your beginning, revel in all the experiences you’ve shared and renew the intimate bond that has grown stronger over time.

  • Creative Culinary Experience: Concoct a fun new recipe together for a delightful blend of taste and laughter even if you are not much of a chef. The best part? Feasting on your delicious labor of love.

  • Breakfast Date: Start the day off with a date. Make your favorite breakfast foods and linger around the table to share the start of your day together.

  • Restaurant Hop: Head out on a culinary adventure. Find a place where there are multiple options for dining. Start with one for appetizer, move to another for main course and another for dessert. Get creative and adventurous in trying new foods!

  • Hide and Seek: Head to your local mall and take turns hiding. Embrace the fun of childhood looking for each other in a sea of people and shops. Note: Dressing Rooms are off limits, disguises are not!

  • Fun Chore: Make your grocery list and split it up. Go to the grocery store and race to see who finishes first. Or challenge each other to buy ingredients for a new fun dish to try, then go home and test it out!

  • Eat Dessert First:  Go out for dessert before dinner and enjoy a sweet treat while you bask in the delight of each other’s company.

  • A Day at the Museum: When was the last time you explored a local museum? Relive your elementary school adventure exploring a museum and learning new stuff with your partner.

  • Pack a Picnic: Experience a little relaxation and romance. Pack a picnic grab a blanket and go to a quiet spot to enjoy a lazy afternoon reminiscing over your past or dreaming up adventure for the future.

  • Stories around the Campfire: Grab some marshmallows or hotdogs and gather around your fire pit for a fun night of sharing stories.

  • Star Gazing: Download a star gazing app and head outdoors after it gets dark to identify constellations and planets. For extra fun, register a star in your names so each time you look at the night sky, you can find your star and remember the fun you had on your Star Gazing Date.
  • A Night at the Drive In: Find a nearby drive-in movie theatre. Pack some favorite snacks and a cozy blanket and nestle up together to enjoy a night at the drive-in.

  • Get Your Laugh On: Book a night at a local comedy club and laugh the night away together.

  • A Blustery Day: Take advantage of a windy day by embracing your inner child and venturing out to fly a kite together

  • Shop for Charity: Find a local charity that receives donations of goods. Download their list of needs and have fun shopping together for charity.

  • I Scream for Ice Cream: Go together to a local ice cream stand and cool off with your favorite ice cream cone. For real adventure, order for each other and enjoy!

  • Murder Mystery: Find an online Murder Mystery Game or go to a dinner theatre and immerse yourselves in the plot and work together to evaluate the clues and catch the murderer.

  • Throw Back Fun: Find an arcade and have fun together playing skeet ball or other games that challenge your skill and make you laugh together!

  • Trivia Challenge: Team together and find a local eatery to join Trivia Night together.

  • Escape!: Find a local escape room and have fun together solving clues to get out before time expires!

  • Rock the Night Away: Look for a local concert featuring a favorite music genre. Enjoy rocking it out together! For an adventure, try a new or less familiar music genre!

  • Picnic on Wheels: Pack a picnic and grab your bikes. Find a local trail and ride till you find a comfy spot. Spread a blanket and enjoy a picnic in the great outdoors!

  • Go Festive: Find a local festival and spend a day exploring the booths and other offerings.

  • Childhood Memories: Find a mini-golf course and relive the fun of childhood in a friendly game of putt putt.

  • A Blast from the Past: Spend a day antiquing together. Increase the fun by challenging each other to find an object you have never seen before. Have fun imaging what it is and for what it could be used. Or for longer lived couples, find an antique that you or your family used in the past (or maybe still does). Laugh together as you reminisce about your childhood!