February 17, 2024

SOULS World Missions Conference is an annual gathering of Jesus-followers designed to inspire, challenge and equip us to take the gospel to the world.

One of the things that makes our God stand out from other [false] gods, is that He is just as relational as He is omnipresent - He is as near to the details of our lives as He is to the movement of the galaxy. 

His view transcends past the moon and the stars and sees into our hearts. Our God is intimately familiar with our deepest fears and speaks truth into them. He sees our hurts and our sufferings and doesn't hide and celebrates in our joy with us, yet never loses sight of the universe. 

From grandeur to granular, our God is the God who sees all the nations and still knows your heart. How can we help but worship?

While everyone has the opportunity to experience this love, not everyone chooses to, and for many, it's because they haven't been exposed to the saving truth of the gospel. As John Piper says, "missions exists because worship doesn't." In other words, we need missions where people don't know that God is intimately aware of and caring for them - that He sees them. We know that one day, every tribe, every nation and every tongue will be worshipping as one in the new heavens and the new earth. And we can live today in light of that day, bringing the good news of God's loving work on the cross from here to the nations. Our God is the God who sees.

SOULS 2024 Conference Archive

Linked below are the sessions, talks and resources from SOULS Conference 2024. 



February 18, 2024

Check out this recording of Ask Us Anything, our Q&A event following SOULS Conference 2024. In it, Dr. Jo Vitale speaks on the topic, "Why would a loving God judge us?" followed by questions submitted by attendees on various topics. 


Click here to purchase Dr. Vince Vitale's new book, "Non-Identity Theodicy"
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Saturday, February 17


9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Annapolis Campus
884 Chesterfield Road,
Annapolis, MD 21401


9:00 A.M. Conference Start
9:20 A.M. Interview with Jo & Vince
9:40 A.M. Session 1 - Rose-Colored Glasses: Do we see who God sees?
11:00 A.M. Session 2 - Seeing in Focus: Do we see how God sees?
12:30 P.M. Lunch
2:00 P.M. Q&A Panel
3:00 P.M. Session 3 - Line of Sight: Aligning our vision with God’s
4:00 P.M. Conference Close


Dr. Vince Vitale

Dr. Vince Vitale was educated at Princeton University and the University of Oxford, and he taught philosophy and theology as a faculty member briefly at Princeton and then for several years at Oxford. It was during his undergraduate studies at Princeton that Vince was challenged to read the Bible by two soccer teammates and took an unexpected journey from skeptic to evangelist. He then completed master’s and PhD studies at Oxford, receiving a Daniel M. Sachs Graduating Scholarship (at the time awarded annually to one graduating Princetonian) and a Clarendon Scholarship (supported by Oxford University Press).
Vince currently serves as Faculty Scholar at CEO Forum and as a host of the Unbelievable? podcast. Previously, he served as RZIM’s Regional Director for the Americas.
While researching at Oxford, Vince developed a new response to the problem of evil. This response is discussed in Vince’s Philosophia Christi article, “Non-Identity Theodicy,” and in book form with Oxford University Press as Non-Identity Theodicy: A Grace-Based Response to the Problem of Evil (2020). For his work on Søren Kierkegaard, InterVarsity Press and Tyndale House selected Vince as IVP Young Philosopher of Religion of the Year 2013. Vince has commended the Christian faith in numerous countries and on the campuses of many leading universities including Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, UPenn, UC Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, Johns Hopkins, West Point, and Oxford. He has also spoken at Google; Amazon; Facebook; Autodesk; The Brooklyn Tabernacle; and Passion City Church; and he was the keynote speaker at the 54th National Prayer Breakfast of Canada. In addition to his focus on biblical and cultural questions, Vince has strong interests in the topics of reconciliation and theology of work, as well as in the intersection of faith and sport. He played varsity soccer at Princeton, was a “double Blue” at Oxford (competing for the university in soccer and boxing), and has traveled with Athletes in Action mission teams to four continents. While teaching at Princeton, Vince served as Faculty Director of the Athletes in Action ministry on campus.
Vince is married to Dr. Jo Vitale, who most recently served as a speaker and Dean of Studies at RZIM. Vince and Jo have enjoyed teaming up for the Ask Away podcast, giving talks together, and trying (unsuccessfully!) to keep up with their young children, Raphael and Jonathan.

Dr. Jo Vitale

Dr. Jo Vitale is an itinerant evangelist who is grateful whenever she has the opportunity to engage with people’s deepest questions about life and purpose, culture and faith. In her public speaking role, Jo has presented internationally in a variety of contexts including businesses, schools, radio shows, on university campuses (including UC Berkeley, Stanford, West Point, Princeton, Yale, Oxford, LSE, Aberdeen, ASU, and Georgia Tech), and at church conferences  (e.g. Passion City Church, Atlanta; Redeemer Church, NYC; Calvary Chapel, Las Vegas; Progressive Baptist Church, Chicago; The Story Church, Houston; Hillsong, Sydney; St Aldates, Oxford).
Jo has three degrees from the University of Oxford: a bachelor’s degree in theology, a master’s degree in biblical interpretation, and a DPhil (PhD) in Old Testament studies. For her doctoral dissertation she centered her research on issues pertaining to the Old Testament’s depiction of women (specifically, female beauty and blame culture), and she speaks often on cultural misconceptions of Christianity and the Bible. Alongside her graduate studies, Jo trained for ordination in the Anglican church at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford and worked as an academic tutor at the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics. Upon graduation, Jo served in the role of the Dean of Studies at the Zacharias Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, and as an itinerant speaker for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries from 2016-2021.
Jo is a wife to Dr. Vince Vitale and a mom to Raphael (4) and Jonathan (3). Vince and Jo enjoy hosting their Ask Away podcast together, along with making the most of the gorgeous west coast sunsets out in the Bay Area where they currently reside.

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