Interested in joining one of our teams? 

Explore our opportunities below!


The Care Network aims to help resource those going through different circumstances, such as marriage, loss of a loved one, divorce, financial difficulty, or relational pain. If you’ve personally experienced any of these seasons and want to help others through theirs, join us. Roles include Care Coach, Marriage Mentor, and support group leader.


We aim to help each child build a relationship with Jesus and learn to share him with others. Join us in discipling the next generation. Roles include: nursery team member, small group leader, large group leader, mid-week prep.


We work behind the scenes to set up and break down chairs for events in our church building. Our goal is to partner with the church in order to enable gatherings or groups to minister in our spaces. If you are an able-bodied man or woman, join us! 


The connect team aims to help every person who enters our doors feel significant, welcome and loved by Jesus. Join us in creating a fantastic guest experience and connecting people into the life of the church. Roles include: usher, greeter, ambassador, parking.


Our hospitality team is all about helping our guests feel welcomed, loved and signficiant through a warm cup of coffee! Join us if you have the gift of hospitality, love to organize supplies or have barista skills. Roles include: espresso barista, café team


We live as a family sent with a story so that all might encounter Jesus. Join us if you’re passionate about the nations, sharing the gospel, or sending others by supporting them financially or prayerfully. Roles include: short term team leader, short term team member, special event staff.


The meal train team aims to provide relief from meal prep and delivery after you come home with a new baby, recover from a medical procedure or care for a loved one. Roles include: meal prep, delivery.


Men's ministry is all about becoming more like Jesus. Our desire is to gather and grow together so we might go and make disciples of other men. Roles include: men's events, men's mentoring. 


Our prayer team gathers regularly to pray for our church body, gatherings, ministries, missionaries and more. Join us if you’re passionate about the power of prayer. Roles include: prayer team, the 120.


We aim to serve our church family and guests by keeping them safe and secure during events and gatherings. Join us if you have a medical or security background. Roles include: safety team, medical team.


In BASM, we encourage students to develop a personal relationship with God, creating environments where they can build Christ-centered relationships with fellow students and caring adults, and helping them discover their next step of faith. We want to provide each student with a person, place and plan. Roles include: community group leader, welcome center host, events team, production + worship.


In our ministry, women disciple women so together we can learn to live and love like Jesus did. Join us if you have the desire to see women grow together. Roles include: small group leader, special events.


We aim to create an atmosphere of encounter so that people would become passionate, maturing followers of Jesus. Join us if you have a musical gift, technical experience, or desire to learn production skills. Roles include: band member, camera operator, producer, sound engineer.