Caves and Valleys: The Cave of Adullam

Jun 5, 2022    Greg St. Cyr
Life has a way of turning on us. We all have dreams and hopes of what our life will become. Then the unexpected crashes in on us. Friends hurt us, jobs end, divorce shatters us to the core, disappointment sends us in a downward spiral… and we find ourselves in a cave. Meet David. All he’s done is be anointed by Samuel as Israel’s rightful king, slayed Goliath, played his harp for Saul and fought his battles, and where has that landed him? In a cave. Adullam is where our dreams go to die. But in caves, God often does His best work. Join us on Sunday as we learn from Psalm 142 how to: get real with God, focus on God, and trust in God. And then we’ll begin to grasp that God is enough.