1 Peter: The How-To-Guide for Sufferers (Part 1)

Jan 15, 2023    Greg St. Cyr

Many people like “how to” books. I’m one of them. Early on I read Mortimer Adler’s, “How To Read A Book” and Gordon Fee’s, “How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth.” Super helpful! I’ve recently finished “Atomic Habits” (about how to build habits) and “Deep Work” (about how to concentrate). In 1 Peter, believers are suffering because of various trials. After reminding them of their identity in Christ, Peter gives very specific “how-tos” when it comes to suffering. For anyone in the throes of suffering, and for all of us who will go through suffering, Peter’s “How-To-Guide” will help us glorify God amidst the trials we face.