Hot Takes From A Biblical Worldview: Success

Jun 27, 2021    Brian Hopper

“The American Dream” - “be what you want to be” - “you can have it all” - “all I do is win!“ Who doesn’t want more freedom, a nicer place to live, a newer car, more money in the bank? Isn’t it normal to want to be successful and get ahead in life? Yet, the truth is, the success worldview is a powerful intoxicant that can easily infiltrate our lives and begin to influence us - oftentimes without us even recognizing it. It is so subtle, yet so pervasive. And it promises all sorts of freedom, happiness and fulfillment. But does it really deliver on what it promises? Could success be more than all we possess, attain, achieve or pursue? Join us this week as we take a fun look at the worldview of success and contrast that with what the Bible, specifically Jesus, says about our success.