Becoming More Like Jesus: Intentional

Oct 1, 2023    Greg St. Cyr

As a church, we are looking at the “way” of becoming more like Jesus. Said another way, we are becoming His disciples. This quote by Dallas Willard is convicting: “The problem of spiritual transformation among those who identify themselves as Christians today is not that it is impossible or that effectual means are not available. The problem is that it is not intended. People do not see it and its value and decide to carry through with it. They do not decide to do the things Jesus did and said.” We are intentional about so many things: Planning for a vacation, retirement, a career path, a wedding, parenting children, financial goals. Why is it that we lack intentionality when it comes to the most important thing in all of life – becoming like Jesus? Join us this Sunday as we explore the importance of being intentional as followers of Jesus.