Go Public!

Aug 20, 2023    Greg St. Cyr

This Sunday I will share my “final” catalyst message with you. The following Sunday, August 27 we are in for a very special treat as Sammy Foster, the lead pastor of Lighthouse Church in Glen Burnie, will close out our Catalyst series sharing from his personal life. You won’t want to miss hearing from the Lord through Sammy. That same Sunday I will be at Lighthouse Church finishing their series on “Hearing the Voice of God.” 


So what is this last catalyst message from me? It has to do with the barrier of “reputation.” Let me ask you a few questions: Are you overly concerned about what others think? Are you conflict averse? Do you have a hard time saying no? Do you succumb to peer pressure rather than standing up for what is right? Are you afraid to tell others about Jesus? If so, it is likely that your concern over reputation is hindering your walk with the Lord. Could you, in fact, be a people-pleaser? Join us this Sunday as we discover the catalyst that blows up the barrier of people-pleasing.