By: Aaron Hixson


Unbelievable? with Justin Brierley

This UK based podcast is truly stellar for bringing together true experts on various topics and moderating helpful debates. The network it is supported by also has a wider ecosystem of helpful material on strengthening our faith from an intellectual perspective.

Good first listen: Is Critical Race Theory compatible with Christianity? Ft. Neil Shenvi & Rasool Berry (Episode 205, 10/16/20)


The Briefing by Albert R. Mohler

This podcast is a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview. He focuses on analysis of major issues in culture, not just reporting facts and events.

The Pour Over Podcast

Unlike the Briefing, this podcast is more designed to be a daily news curator and supplier - it will keep you up to date, and help you stay focused on Christ as you do.
The intention is to be politically neutral in their reporting.


Gospel in Life with Tim Keller

This podcast surveys much of Tim Keller's preaching ministry. Especially after his passing this year, I intend to listen to these sermon excerpts this Summer as a way to get further into the thinking of this remarkable pastor and leader.


The Bible Recap

This coincides this a bible reading plan, and provides helpful background and insights on the daily passages. It it is one of the most downloaded podcasts ever in the "religion" category.


Freakonomics Radio with Stephen Dubner

You won't agree with the worldview analysis on some of these episodes, and its definitely not a Christian resource. However, they do some of the most interesting reporting and analysis I've ever heard - I'm a regular listener.

Good first listen: Series on Airplane Travel (episodes 534-536). Air Travel is a Miracle. Why do we hate it?