At Bay Area, Community Group (CG's) are our main place where we do life together in community.

We define Community Grop as a group of disciples who are committed to loving God back (UP), loving each other (IN) and loving their neighbors (OUT)
UP: LOVE GOD BACK through worship, prayer, and faithful obedience.
IN: LOVE EACH OTHER through mutual commitment and care, while growing in our knowledge and practice of His word.
OUT: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR by going beyond our own community to serve and share the Gospel with those who are near to us yet far from Jesus.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Community Group?

A Community Group is a group of Christ followers that are committed to loving God back, loving each other, and loving their neighbor. We call these commitments the “UP, IN, and OUT”. Practically, they meet regularly for Bible discussion, prayer, fellowship, and regularly serve their neighbors and the community at large.

Is a CG the same as a Bible study?

A CG is not a place where a leader teaches the Bible in monologue lecture style or a question/ answer book study. However, the CG leader facilitates a Bible discussion. Many CGs discuss the Bible passages from the Sunday sermon. In addition, our CGs are much more than a Bible discussion group, it is also a group that focuses on prayer, relationships, mutual encouragement and serving others.

Where do CGs meet?

Most CGs meet in a home setting in different locations around Anne Arundel County.

Are the CGs separated in any way by age or location?

Some CGs have a tendency to gather by age group or geographic location, but that is not restrictive. Other groups are intentionally diverse and multigenerational. Life-giving spiritual relationships are our primary focus in creating a healthy group dynamic.

How large is an CG?

A CG is usually between 10-20 people.

How often does a CG meet?

A CG meets weekly, biweekly or twice per month.

Can children come to a CG?

Currently, some groups include children, but many do not. It is up to the leader if they can accommodate children in their home and how the group wants to handle care and engagement of the children.

Who can lead a CG?

Anyone who loves Jesus and is a ministry partner at Bay Area (or will be within 6 months) can lead a CG. Someone who is willing to invest in others in Bay Area and to grow with them in becoming more like Jesus. To find out more information, read our CG Leader Profile.

How can I become an CG leader?

If you are interested in becoming a CG leader, you'll first meet with Pastor Allen Smith to discuss your heart and vision for community. You will also attend new leader training as well as quarterly leader gatherings. Fill out our CG Leader Interest form here to get started!