Every person matters to God and to us. Growth and fulfillment happens best in the context of community and relationship. That’s why we strive to help every person feel welcome, get connected, and join in God’s work here. Each person has a significant part to play and we don’t want anyone to miss out. When we’re together, big things happen. In short, we are better together.
Our desire for every one who calls Bay Area home to find community. To get oriented to how we do community at Bay Area among adults, you need to know two things:
  • Connect Groups are the main way we get you into a Missional Community.
  • Missional Communities are our main place for you to experience a longterm discipleship community.


Connect Groups are a taste of Missional Community life at Bay Area. They are the main vehicle to get you into a Missional  Community. They meet for 8 weeks, after which the group may form a new Missional Community or get placed to existing Missional Community throughout Anne Arundel County. Listed below are our current Connect Groups that are updated frequently. If you're unable to join one of the groups listed below, please check back soon for more opportunities to get in community! 
All current Connect Groups are closed. Please check back soon for more!


At Bay Area, Missional Communities is our main place we do life together in community. We define Missional Communities as a group of disciples who are committed to loving God back (UP), loving each other (IN) and loving their neighbors (OUT)
  • UP: LOVE GOD BACK through worship, prayer, and faithful obedience.
  • IN: LOVE EACH OTHER through mutual commitment and care, while growing in our knowledge and practice of His word.
  • OUT: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR by going beyond our own community to serve and share the Gospel with those who are near to us yet far from Jesus.
If you're ready to take jump right into a Missional Community, click on the button below to fill out an interest form or check out our interactive MC map below! 


Use this map below to see our current groups, the times and dates they meet, and more! The markers on the map do not reflect the exact location each group meets. 

Click the interactive icons on the map to see more information about our MC's!