Our goal is to help students in sixth grade through college develop such passion for Jesus and compassion for others that they don’t graduate from their faith when they graduate from our ministry. We seek to accomplish this by encouraging students to develop a personal relationship with God, creating environments where they can build Christ-centered relationships with fellow students and caring adults, and helping them discover God’s calling for their lives to impact their spheres of influence. Real-world teaching, worship, relational activities, caring outreach and a whole lot of fun are just some of the elements students will experience as part of what God is doing within our student ministry.

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We believe that baptism is an outward act that symbolizes an inward commitment. Baptism is a symbol of an individual's personal relationship with God, made possible by the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Baptism does not save a person or guarantee a person's salvation; rather, baptism is a way of publicly identifying oneself with Christ. We believe that only those professing a personal faith in Christ should be baptized.

If it is your desire to be baptized, please fill out the form below and submit it. A Student Ministry staff member will contact you to continue the process.



This resource takes a true preventative approach to teen suicide. It tackles issues known to potentially lead to suicide and teaches how to address them long before your child might ever entertain thoughts of ending his or her life. Click the link below to learn more.