As a result of the current crisis in Ukraine, roughly 2.5 million people have taken refuge in surrounding countries, with an estimate that the number of displaced individuals could get as high as 18 million. Our response as the global church is to lean into prayer for the nations, to give sacrificially to those in need, and to continually stay informed on the experiences of our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. 


Bay Area is partnering with World Relief who is actively working with churches and partners on the frontlines supplying the biggest needs within Ukraine and in the bordering countries—essential supplies, personal hygiene items, shelter, food, medicine, and trauma support for those who have seen family members or neighbors killed already during this war. Additionally, the support we give to our global partners in Poland is also going towards relief efforts for Ukrainian refugees.  
To learn more about what's happening in Ukraine, the refugee crisis, and what you can do to help, check out this World Relief article here.  


We know the power of prayer amidst hopeless circumstances. Here are just a few ways we can be praying for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine:

  • Pray for the people of Ukraine, for those fleeing and those staying, that through this crisis they would come to place their hope not in governments of leaders but Jesus Christ our ultimate protector. 
  • Pray for the safety of missionaries in Ukraine, Russia, and Poland, that they would be empowered to be witnesses to their neighbors. 
  • Pray for all our world leaders involved in the current conflict in Ukraine, including Vladimir Putin. 


If you're looking for ways to give to those affected by the war in Ukraine, we want to thank you for your generosity. Compiled below are a couple ways you can donate:

  • Head to World Relief's giving page linked here and scroll to the section titled "Ukraine" to donate. 
  • Our global partner Sergey works with the Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary, at which there are currently 21 Ukrainian students enrolled. To learn more about the training of ministers in Russia and to support MECS in their mission to redeem Russia for Christ, click here