India and Lebanon

By: Arianne Teeple

A photographic representation of the persecuted church in Lebanon and India, as witnessed by astaff team trip in April 2022. Photo essay by Arianne Teeple.



A village in the southern state of Kerala that experiences immense persecution. The village is known for their worship of ancestoral and tribal gods. Outsiders are not welcome. Our team was able to gain access for a quick visit via the pastor who lives there. His home doubles as their church.


A man walks in a mountain side town in Kerala.


A woman worships during a church service in Kerala. She traveled from her far away mountain village to be there.


Members of the church in the village pictured on the left. The tallest woman in the back was beat by her husband when she converted from Islam to Christianity.



Syrian refugee children in the school in their refugee camp, built and run by global partners, where they receive education in Tyre, Lebanon.


Paula, a team member of the trip, shares stories of God's love, respect and provision for women in the Bible during a hygiene kit class for Syrian refugee women.


A deaf Syrian refugee child works on his assignment in a school in the refugee camp where he lives in Tyre, Lebanon.