In Odenton As It Is In Heaven

By: Brendan Cothran

"I’ve never been a part of a church that prays this much.”

We received this comment one Sunday morning after wrapping up our weekly prayer time with some of our serving teams. This particular time of prayer comes after a busy, sometimes hectic morning. Our setup crew shows up to the Arundel High School cafeteria at 6:30 a.m. and immediately gets to work rolling cafeteria tables and unloading trailers. More often than not, over the course of the morning there’s something that doesn’t go according to plan. The doors are locked, the AC isn’t working, the broadcast isn’t getting a signal, the list goes on. By the time everything has been plugged in and checked, issues have been resolved, and our gathering run-through is complete, it sometimes feels like we’ve run a marathon.

No matter what’s going on or what else needs to be fixed, we hit pause. We come together and pray. This time is not rushed. Everyone gets the chance to pray, to listen, to rest and to be reminded that no matter what happens this morning, our greatest desire is for God’s Kingdom to come and His will to be done. And He has never let us down.

Around the same time, a group of ladies from the Odenton women’s ministry are gathering together in a classroom down the hall. They are praying over the gathering, over Jason and the worship team, the needs of the church, and the needs that are represented in the women who are gathered. Near the entrance, the hospitality and weekend experience teams focus their minds on a scripture passage and pray that they would be the hands and feet of Jesus to everyone that they encounter that morning.

Of all our times of prayer, our most valued is on the second and fourth Mondays of every month when members of our body come together for a “Prayer Walk.” The goal of this time is simple: to walk and to pray. Sometimes we meet in parks around Odenton, sometimes in neighborhoods, sometimes at a school. It feels like we’re going on an afternoon walk and simply inviting Jesus into our conversation. Sometimes we’re catching up on the needs of our church family, sometimes we’re praying over the homes that we pass, always we’re smiling at the people that we see and asking God to make us available.

As we have prayed together as a church family, we have noticed the following realities:

  1. Praying together shifts our perspective from program administrators, to participants in God’s greater work
  2. Praying together stirs our faith
  3. Praying together reorients us to truth, and fights the lies of the enemy
  4. Praying together leads to God’s Kingdom advancing

At Odenton, we have found that we are better together when we pray together. And we have continued to find opportunities to pray for our community. On the last Sunday before Arundel started classes again for the fall, we walked the halls as a church family and prayed for all the faculty and students. We believe that as we are faithful in prayer, God will use us in even greater ways to advance His Kingdom in our community.

Join us in praying that the Odenton campus and all of Bay Area will continue to grow in greater depth in prayer and that God would use us as we partner with Him in His work.