DATE #6 




This challenge involves trying out different recipes from around the world. Have one person focus on the main dish and the other on some tasty appetizers/desserts. Send a picture of the finished products in the Facebook group!

Cost: $30-45
Time of day: 
How long will it take: 
1-3 hours 


It’s time to go to an arcade! You can either visit an arcade where you can eat and play, or be intentional to grab dinner before or after. Go by yourselves or invite another couple for all or part of the date!

Cost: $35-45
Time of day: 
How long will it take:
2-4 hours


Think back to the moment you realized you were in love with your partner. Write down separately and then read it to each other. The beauty is in the details - get specific and creative.

Cost: Free
Time of day: 
How long will it take:
1 hour


Spend a day being tourists in Annapolis. Take a tour with Historic Annapolis, grab a water taxi to Eastport for dinner, take a ride on the Harbor Queen, walk down Maryland Ave. Research must-see tourist attractions and activities and have a day! Share a picture from your day in the Facebook group.

Cost: $40-60
Time of day: 
How long will it take:
3-4 hours


Record your bonus tasks in the back of your Memory Journal. You cannot complete the same task more than once.

  • Next time you see your partner or right now if you are together, kiss for 10 seconds
  • Stop and tell your partner 1 thing you appreciate about them.
  • Stop and thank your partner for 1 thing
  • Stop and pray together, prayer for your partner
  • Take a walk of 15 minutes or more
  • Write a short but really good love note and hide it somewhere your partner will eventually find it
  • Next time it rains go kiss in the rain for 10 seconds – no umbrellas
  • Give your partner a foot massage 5 min minimum
  • Answer this question: if your partner were a dessert what would they be?
  • Stop and think for one minute about any way you may have hurt, disrespected, not loved your partner this week. Then apologize and ask forgiveness.
  • Stop and share one thing you read in the bible or heard in a message that caught your attention and why?
  • Answer this question: if you could meet one person from the bible (other that Jesus) who would you pick and why?
  • Finish the statement: right now, the one thing I would appreciate you praying about for me is…
  • Tonight, turn all electronics off, and give your undivided attention to each other and talk about one or two steps you can take to grow as a couple.
  • Go for a walk just enjoying each other’s company. Consider spending the first 10 minutes in silence.