DATE #2 




Go to a thrift store and follow these rules:
  1. Buy your partner 1 piece of clothing
  2. Wear the piece of clothing your partner bought you and go out to lunch
  3. Take a photo and share it in the Facebook group so everyone can see your fun outfits!

Cost: $30-50
Time of day: 
Before 3 p.m.
How long will it take: 
1-3 hours 


It’s time to go on a food truck tour. If you don’t know where any food trucks are, search for them online. Try and hit at least two! Share your finds/rating in the Facebook group.

Cost: $20-40
Time of day: 
Before 7 p.m.
How long will it take:
2-4 hours


Find a small town at least 35 minutes away that you’ve never been to. Explore the town and then find a small restaurant here and have dinner.

Cost: $25-45
Time of day: 
How long will it take:
2-3 hours


Do you remember your first date? Take a walk down memory lane and recreate it the best you can. If you have a picture of the original date show a then and a now.

Cost: $35-50
Time of day: 
How long will it take: 
1-3 hours


Record your bonus tasks in the back of your Memory Journal. You cannot complete the same task more than once.

  • Next time you see your partner or right now if you are together, kiss for 10 seconds
  • Stop and tell your partner 1 thing you appreciate about them.
  • Stop and thank your partner for 1 thing
  • Stop and pray together, prayer for your partner
  • Take a walk of 15 minutes or more
  • Write a short but really good love note and hide it somewhere your partner will eventually find it
  • Next time it rains go kiss in the rain for 10 seconds – no umbrellas
  • Give your partner a foot massage 5 min minimum
  • Answer this question: if your partner were a dessert what would they be?
  • Stop and think for one minute about any way you may have hurt, disrespected, not loved your partner this week. Then apologize and ask forgiveness.
  • Stop and share one thing you read in the bible or heard in a message that caught your attention and why?
  • Answer this question: if you could meet one person from the bible (other that Jesus) who would you pick and why?
  • Finish the statement: right now, the one thing I would appreciate you praying about for me is…
  • Tonight, turn all electronics off, and give your undivided attention to each other and talk about one or two steps you can take to grow as a couple.
  • Go for a walk just enjoying each other’s company. Consider spending the first 10 minutes in silence.